Monday, September 3, 2012

8 week update

The punkin is 8 weeks old today.  That's hard to believe.  She weighs 6 lbs 13.5 oz today.  Thats even weirder.  My 8 week old still doesn't weigh what the other 2 did at birth.  I know - you can't compare apples to oranges... but its still weird.  Weight is a HUGE factor for Miss Merritt.  One of her stitches (that has STILL not dissolved) got caught in her shirt and pulled on a I found it oozing stuff the other day.  Not good.  Again, hard to believe that skin is still not completely healed. But she has stitches made of steel I think...We had to trim the little needles down because they are sharp.  And here's a belly pic for those of you interested.  The pic makes her belly look bigger than it is (the angle of camera?) and she still has a few stitches/scabs that are hard to see.  This is her first bath too.  They told us to wait til she was completely healed before getting her wet.  She's had a few sponge baths and her hair washed, but this was the first real bath.  

I spy some fat rolls.  Check out those thighs! Yep...sorry dear, you got ya momma's thighs!
And in other news, Mattox will miss his first day of Mother's Day Out tomorrow because he has a double case of conjunctivitis! aka pink eye in both eyes.  grrrr... this mommy needs a "day out" from him.  love him to pieces though.  but was seriously looking forward to meeting his class and teacher (although we know 1 of them already who taught MC).  Maybe Thursday. And Mati Claire's class is passing strep around.  We have been lucky so far.  #ihategerms 
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