Friday, September 28, 2012

K Life So far...for me.

I'll save Merritt's update for tomorrow.  This one has more pictures anyway!

I volunteered to be Homeroom Mom for Mati Claire's class this year.  Whew! It is fun, but A.LOT. of work!  This week they were learning all about apples and celebrating "Johnny Appleseed's" birthday!  Here are a few things I've made (all new recipes to me) so I thought I'd share!  I  WE are still not used to getting up so early. I get very little sleep between homeroom mom duties, waking up with Merritt  all 3, and then getting up at 5:45am..  I love the weekends and we are looking forward to a holiday... any holiday... really.  MC LOVES Kindergarten!  She comes home and immediately starts "playing school".  As if she didn't get enough the rest of the day!

Johnny Applessed wore a pot for his hat...
This was suppose to be an apple bite dipped in caramel.  I learned quickly that caramel does not stick to apples well (even after dried like the recipe says).  I cut a picture of JA out and glued to a skewer.  Was suppose to resemble him planting his apple trees.  And then I only cut 13 of them... instead of 26.   #tedious

"Apple Cartwheels"  Apples cored, sliced, and stuffed with a mixture containing peanut butter, honey, and mini chocolate chips sans raisins.
"Apple Nachos"  This was delicious!  Sliced raw apples drowned in marshmallow/butter sauce, caramel, chocolate syrup, and mini chocolate chips! Yummm!
Apple cupcakes that I found from  The actual cupCAKE part was divine!  Will make again!  It was made with applesauce and it tasted sort of like an apple muffin meets cake.  I couldn't decide which "leaf" I liked better.  I used Sour Patch Gummy leaves for half; and I pressed green Tootsie Rolls into a leaf mold for the other half.  And pretzel sticks for the stem.  Sooo cute!
The Sour Patch leaves
The Tootsie Roll leaves
 It is also Clinton's homecoming game this week!  So we've had spirit week and the Homecoming Parade yesterday.  I left Mattox sporting his green/white outfit to represent Vic-Ksb-Urg... Vicksburg Vicksburg!"

"Super Mati Claire" being Mrs. L's helper on Apple Day
"Rock Star Mati Claire"
Allie, Brooke, MC, and Wellsley.  These girls met at Mother's Day out when they were 2!  And they are all in different classes this year but still friends and see each other at ballet!  Sweet girls watching the parade!  Brooke cracks me up!
My little Clinton Arrow.  
He's not a Clinton Arrow YET!  This is for my fella VHS peeps who actually read this - lol!

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Pamela said...

LOVE the apple cupcakes!!!! Sooo cute!! You did a great job!! AND I love MC's "AB/CD" shirt!! Hillarious:))

Erica said...

How in the world do you have time for it all!? You are a superwoman!

Nadeem Shaikh said...

Nice blog yo! love it...
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