Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6 months!

Wow how time flies!  Merritt is 6 months old today!  6 months is my favorite age for babies, although she's really more like a 3 month old.  Wears 0-3/3mo clothes, size 1 diapers.  She weighs 10 lbs 14 oz this morning, which is up - but not as much as it probably should be because she's been sick the whole month of December and she's playing catch up.  She eats every 2 hours still most of the time.  Last night she was nice to me and went long... a whole 4 hours.  (Just to clarify - she wakes, eats, and usually goes right back to sleep for another 4 hours, etc.)

I'm planning her birthday party as I type and I won't lie.. it's huge.  I debated on family only or everyone - but I can't not invite the people that have prayed for her for so long.  That wouldn't be right.  The people that came to visit us, bring us food, and supported us in so many ways... So even if you don't get a formal invitation, you can still come!!! It is a birthday that I sometimes thought would never happen.  And I'm so excited that she APPEARS to be in the clear - that we are going to have a big celebration in July.

I say 'appear', because I read about the O babies that have been "fine" and home for months, then all of a sudden, they stop going to the bathroom and they discover blockages or something GI related.  An 18 month old is back in the hospital in critical care.  I'm not sure if we're ever really in the clear.  There are not many O adults in the support group - but they give us their history on growing up.  I only know of 2 that have had successful pregnancies.  Most were considered "small" until their 20's and most have GI issues.  

Anyway - that was all before modern medicine and every baby is different.  I try not to dwell on the unknown and just focus on how great she's doing now!!!!

She is becoming very funny! Loves to laugh and watch big bro and sis!  She reminds me of Mattox in how she acts (but looks like MC I know).  She likes to be held alot (like Mattox) and has the separation anxiety thing going on when she doesn't see Mommy around.  A BIG momma's girl.  

Happy half - birthday, Mitt! 

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danielle said...

wish we were closer- we would definitely come celebrate your miracle! :) my pediatrician finally told me to not get on the support groups fb much anymore.. she reminded me that at this point- things that can happen to mckinley that can happen to any baby. :) merritt is doing GREAT! thankful for your friendship!