Thursday, January 17, 2013

Many Firsts

Many firsts around here!  

1)  Merritt had her first taste of baby cereal!  I know she's 6 months - but our pediatrician "Dr. Whistle" (that's what MC calls him) says she's really more like a 4 1/2 month old.  And for me to treat her somewhere in the middle.  She has been wanting to nurse every 2 hours lately - and I'm not sure if its a growth spurt - or if she's just starving.  So I started slowly the first week, and I really started pushing more this week.  BUT she has been screaming and REALLY fussy the past few days... so I'm backing down a little.  Back to just once a day.  Boring stuff I know, but just sharing.  And I dipped the spoon in squash to see her reaction - and she got choked.  So I'll wait awhile to go back to food. 
Loved the squash. until the 2nd bite.
"I'm a little tired of this...think I'll just take me a nap..."  
 2)  Merritt's first snow day!  Well - more like her first MINUTE of snow.  As soon as the wind started blowing - she started SCREAMING.  Yeah - it lasted long enough for me to take a few pics... maybe 2 minutes and we were back inside.  ha!  

3)  First snow of 2013.  Here's a pic of the other 2 that loved it.  For those of you that don't live in Mississippi --- this is a BIG deal!  We don't get snow very often. Sometimes years without a snow. But this was just enough to play in! (and yes, I changed MC's boots when we got in the car to ones that actually match her outfit.) 

4)  Mattox went potty!!!!  He went so many times yesterday I lost count.  Maybe we're onto something here...  I LITERALLY spent over 3 hours straight in the bathroom with him yesterday.  

5) Merritt discovered her feet/toes!  This one caught me off guard.  And I actually got a little upset.  These are things that no one prepares you for.... she can't reach them = her belly gets in the way.  And I'm not sure if its uncomfortable for her - but she wouldn't bend her knees.  She tried DESPERATELY to put them in her mouth, but I couldn't decide if I should cry, laugh, or just be proud that she's trying.  She had a good time playing regardless. That's all that counts.  :)  
She also rolled onto her side from her steps!

Here's to many more first this year!!! 
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Pamela said...

LOVE all that good news!!! 1. So thrilled to see Merritt doing "stuff"! 2. Mattox is looking SO handsome lately ( keep showing him pic of mk ;) haha.

Heather said...

Where are the snowsuits that I've passed down to you? I know you have to have one that fits MC!!