Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Days

Granny, get your gun!!!

Mati Claire's school celebrated the 100th day of school today, by dressing up like "old" people.  Alot of schools also celebrate by wearing something with 100 items.  She had an after school project this week of beading 100 pearl beads on fishing line to make her pearl necklace.  I happened to have gray hairspray leftover from Christmas  (Aunt Bethany costume).  I bought "granny" glasses from Party City for $3.  Gigi has been at my grandmother's house since Christmas, and she found this shawl (awesome) and fabric that is truly 100 years old (that happens to be pink and purple)!  So she made her a skirt.  And we are SO lucky to have a Nana that owns a medical supply store...she LURVES her walker!   Awesome!!!! And her hair is in a giant bun in the back, but you can't see it.   Plus she totally plays up the part of hunching over too.  Check out those eyebrows. Wowzers....i can't wait til she's old enough to get waxes with me.  ;)

MATTOX IS POTTY-TRAINED!!!  For the most part.   He wears big-boy underwear during the day and hardly any accidents (all of which have been in the bathroom), and he wears a diaper at night.  I can handle that!!!!  Hallelujah!  So mark it down:  Wednesday, January 16th.  A light came on.

And more things going around my house lately.
Despite the appearance, this is a GOOD thing!  We are adding another room in previous attic space. Its inconvenient to lose our garage in the dead of winter for awhile, but I keep focusing on the positive - another room for Gigi and Poppy to stay when they come to visit.  And the kids won't ever have to share a room.

Now...who wants to clean this up before Mattox's birthday party next month??? ;)

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