Monday, June 13, 2011

First Haircut!

I have been putting this off for quite some time now. And over the weekend, I decided it was definitely time and I was actually getting excited about it - and not sad anymore. I was sad because (to me) first haircuts age little boys. They don't look like babies anymore - they look like real boys. I was so excited because I "technically missed" MC's first haircut so I made this one into a HUGE deal for me. Made the appointment, been nervous all day, showed up on time, and Mattox did GREAT!!! When Lauren first saw him, she gave me the funniest look, and said "It's not curly?" Nope! No curls here. ha! He sat perfectly still and didn't fuss. I took my camera instead of my phone to get better pics... he smiled for all the pictures. The "before" shot and the "during shots" and the "after pic". Got out to my car to look at them, and my camera said "no images to view". WHAT??? I left the memory card at home. So I read my camera book, nope - no internal memory. What kind of camera has no internal memory?

So! I desperately wanted to cry...but I didn't. I decided that my kids now have a stigma associated with first haircuts. Something goes wrong. Lauren did a fantastic job though. And Mattox. I WILL take some the next time. Sorry, when you have hair like we do in this family... hair is a BIG DEAL. So here are the pics of my big lil man (after we got home):

His birthmark is still there...but its longer so it stays hidden and no one notices it.

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rasta222 said...

He is so good and nice boy:))