Thursday, December 20, 2012

Washi Washi

I won't bore you with too much stuff.  Just have to share 1 quick thing.  

I have been extremely fearful of taking a plunge into the unknown - which is... FONDANT icing.  Yep.  I thought I would start myself off easy (and I teach myself people because I don't have time to take a real class -- hint hint that would be an awesome Christmas present --)  so I bought the premade store box of rolled fondant.  I found a recipe for marshmallow fondant that seemed easy enough so I made that too just in case I didn't like the box stuff (which is super sticky obviously but tasted the exact same as the boxed fondant to me).

I LITERALLY stared at the box for at least 30 minutes... and kept procrastinating by doing other kitchen duties.......Read the directions 1000 times.  SEEMS easy enough.  

I have a new appreciation for cake makers.  And I see why they charge and arm and a leg for that stuff.  Its cheap as dirt to make, but it is a pain!  

Here is my final product:  

For some odd reason I like to know what I learned:
1)  What WASHI tape is.  Yeah, Washi.  I got your Washi right here.  Washi Washi Washi.
2)  That fondant icing is not my friend.  
3)  Fondant won't stick to your cupcake by itself... I was suppose to make regular buttercream icing too and ice the cupcake first.  Ummmmmm no.  Not happening.  I just made some serious icing and you want me to make buttercream too???
4)  Edible markers.  Awe.some!  Who knew this and why didn't you tell me?

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