Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas a day late!  I have to admit.......I have been bit of a Grinch or a Scrooge this year.  Trying desperately to stay in a good mood and get the Christmas spirit, but I won't lie - I've had to work at it.  My reasons for this negativity? Combination of sleep deprivation, exhaustion, breastfeeding, sick kids (who are somewhat well now), Matt working almost every day this month to be off next week, and the well kid having a relapse of the terrible 2's.  The last reason being the main reason.  I don't think MC handles excitement well.  She has stayed in trouble pretty much since the beginning of December.  Not sure if its a Christmas thing or just a new hormonal rage thing.  Her manners have completely left the building.  I was mortified in her school office the other day when the secretary gave her a compliment and she replied with the most sarcastic and rude tone of voice I've ever heard come out of her mouth.  

She has been so bad, that I began to use the Advent Calendar (that holds a piece of candy for each day) as a new reward system.  As I put it in the attic today, I had to empty all the doors out.   Yeah it was that bad.  We also took several presents away and she can have them back if she stays on "green" (which is the good color) at school for the month of January.  

We hated to kill her Christmas spirit on Christmas morning, but again I won't lie - she and Mattox got several spankings this week.  Christmas or not - I'm not gonna let them walk all over me and get away with it just because it's Christmas.  

It killed me when she went to bed Christmas Eve and told Mattox, "I'm not sure if Santa is coming or not..."  Yes, just call me Scrooge.  Believe me, I wanted to cry with her.  I don't believe in threatening your child to make them do something and then not follow through.  Maybe that's whats wrong with kids today - they think they can get away with too much.  Anywho - back to Christmas!

let me introduce yall to the newest not-yet-member of our family:  Mr. Aaron!  This is my SIL's boyfriend of a year and he sure knows how to make things interesting!  Good times.  
Mr. "A-Ron" playing around with Mattox's new cowboy hat

I'm in a much better mood now... my tree was down by 7:30pm Christmas day and the inside decorations are in the attic!  Yep, just call me Scrooge.  ;)  

We have our weekly weigh-in here.  Mitt is up to 10 lbs 7 oz on Christmas day.  
She LOVES to get weighed (maybe bc we make a big deal about it each time bc she used to cry).  Our pediatric dentist let us borrow her infant scale for awhile - and it is a must for anyone that might have weight issues in babies.
~5 1/2 months.  10 lbs 7 oz.
Future NBA star?   (and that was probably the last time he rode in that car seat bc he's too tall for it) He's 2 going on 6 I think.
One of VERY few matching/coordinating outfits...and of Mattox smiling at the camera.
Yes, he's the real scrooge.  All that baby sister's bouncy seat.
Oh there's a smile!  He got a basketball goal.  Like Father Like Son
Cousin Kendall and MC
I used to make that face too.
Very glad to see 5 stockings this year.  This time last year I wasn't sure if we would have 5 this year. My grandmother made all of those and they are my favorite of all our Christmas decorations/items.
None of them were quite awake on Christmas morning yet.
Her Tigger doll
Thank you Poppy for putting that massive dollhouse together! It's taller than her!  
Mitt's new play yard.
And now we are on to Tennessee for Christmas #2 and New Years! Mitt's first road trip!  Wish us luck! 

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Pamela said...

Precious pictures!! I CANNOT believe he has outgrown the Britax already!!!! LOL. Wait..yes I can, He gets honestly! :) Also, I luv his grinch shirt!!!!!

Sweet Merritt yawning in the Christmas morning picture is A-dorable!

Sara said...

Merry Christmas! Hope MC's behavior will improve now that Christmas is over. I wasn't sure if Santa was going to visit Landry either.

Cari said...

haha! I've taken everything down but the comes down tonight. Walker got two spankings on Christmas day. I feel your pain. here's to a new year friend :) love the pics!