Friday, March 9, 2012

Mattox is 2!

When I think back to the day I had Mattox, I was expecting a male-version of Mati Claire = dark hair, dark eyes, and round 2 of the troubles with breastfeeding.  And boy oh boy did he prove me wrong! He still surprises me every single day! I looked around the operating room because I was sure they showed me the wrong baby.  I thought they were performing 2 sections in the same room and they had swapped babies.  Even Matt asked me who the real daddy was ;)  We were expecting a tiny baby around 5 lbs (he was always measuring small in 10th percentile on sonograms) and he came out surprising us at 7 lbs and 7 oz!  I remember asking Dr. T if she was sure he was mine.... and she replied (laughing) "yep - that's the only baby I pulled out a few seconds ago!"  Mattox didn't look like anyone we knew = light hair, blue eyes, and I learned within a few seconds that boys take their food very seriously.  He didn't sleep, he cried all the time, he never smiled, and he was just a very fussy baby! Something I was not used to! Just fyi, his eyes eventually turned light brown around 6 months old, he was a superb breastfeeder and never gave me a second of trouble, and is a great sleeper now! He sleeps around 12 hours at night in his own bed and a 2 hour nap everyday.  I don't want to scare any first time mothers out there! lol

Wow. My baby is now 2! I know most people think he acts very shy, quiet, and well behaved... but let me tell you - that boy is anything but! I joke that he is "bad" but he is really just ALL BOY! 2 years later, and I am still not used to it yet.  I can give him a bath before bedtime and by 8:00 the next morning his fingernails are dirty, he is covered in heaven-knows what, tee-tee'ing on something, and handing me a "boey" = booger.  That's his latest word by the way.  He is not much on words but he will let you know exactly what he is trying to say somehow or another.

I can't tell you how much I love this sweet little boy.  The bigger he gets the sweeter he gets.  He loves to rough-house with Daddy, but also loves to rock and snuggle with Mommy.  He loves to pass out sugar -- and pass gas.  ;)  I have to joke about that because he.can.not.stand.a.dirty.diaper.  Mattox just moved up to a size 6 diaper - puhleaze hurry up and get potty trained!!  He is extremely interested in the potty lately but no success yet.   But seriously, I am still getting used to the roughness, toughness, and just plain dirtiness of boys.

He dearly loves to read.  If I fall behind in the bath/bedtime ritual, he will climb in his chair and start reading to himself.  *swoon*   He is getting SO tall.  Its hard for me to rock or hold him (especially with my growing belly) so I have learned to really appreciate the time we do get to be close.  And I know I won't be holding him much longer because he only wants to PLAY.  He loves his trains "choo choo's" and his cars.  I think its hilarious that he can't say the name of any animal but only what they say if that makes sense.   A dog is a "ruff ruff"  and a cow is a "moooo"  but he can't say dog or cow.  Or won't.
And he FINALLY just started calling MC's name = "klar".  Once he said "adda klar" but he's back to just "klar".

He tries so hard to play with her, and she usually won't give him the time of day.  But she likes to steal his toys.  Sometimes I think she could be the little sister and it would be more fitting.   I find her pestering him more than the other way around.  They do get along for the most part though.  He does his own thing.  He's very adventurous and not scared of much.  And very stubborn.  Hm.. wonder who he gets that from? ;)  And he is an awesome helper!  He is a total goofball.  Yet, for the most part he is a very serious little man, but I melt when I see him smile.  He is constantly running on all cylinders so I think he doesn't have time to stop and smile because he is thinking so hard!

His hair is so light that people ask me if he belongs to us.  It appears he takes after my sister and my dad although I think he is identical to my baby pics.  He has got a TON of hair.  Birthmark is still underneath it all and I love it.  A man at church asked me one day if Mattox had gray hair.  I just replied, "gray, blonde, red, white, brown, light brown, and every color in between!"

After what seemed like a "train" Christmas and train big boy bedroom, I really resisted a train theme party but in the end I could not deny the boy his "choo choo."  He LOOOOVES trains.  So I will post pics of the "Choo Choo Mattox is 2!" party later.

I wish time would just stop with him.  He can go to the local community college nearby and live at home as long as he wants.  I don't care if he's 50 and still living here with us!  I'm sure he would still be keeping us entertained!  I love him to the moon and back!


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Pamela said...

Yep!!! Sounds just like someone I know;) They are their own way! Haha Happy Birthday, Mattox!!