Tuesday, March 6, 2012

O Blogs

I am sure most of you might be tired of hearing about omphaloceles.  I have added a blog list of other omphalocele and gastrochisis moms and babies.  They have really helped me through this process.  There is a video HERE that is just amazing to sum up one child's story.  I warn you that it is graphic but really shows what we're dealing with.  I pray that my baby girl can overcome this.  I don't think I'm as technical savvy as Karsie's dad, so I doubt we will have a video like that to share... but I am working on upgrading the blog to make it easier to navigate her story.  I have also come across blogs where the child does not survive.  I added one in the list, but they don't update it for obvious reasons (and I mean that in the most sincere way - please don't take that wrong).  But these that I listed have really helped motivate me and keep me positive.  Just thought I'd share for those of you interested.

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