Saturday, March 10, 2012

Party Pics

I will give Mattox the spotlight one more time here and then I'm sure I will be posting amnio results next week for you.

A friend told me today that God answers the little prayers too.  Absolutely.  Earlier this week there was an 80% chance of rain today.  I called the train rental people and they told me to "wait it out".  I am not one for rescheduling things... mainly because I'm doing good to get them done the first time.  So I just prayed all week - that Mattox's party would be great.  I personally needed a good fun day too.  Then by Thursday, the chance of rain went down to 20 and 10% and then sunshine and a high of 70 degrees.  Hallelujah!  So the train came.  And I was not feeling well Thursday and Friday, so thank you Gigi for everything you did while I rested!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came! He has opened every single gift and played with them all after his nap!  I think the kids loved the train - but oh my - Mattox really LOVED the train.  He cried when it left.  He surprised us by blowing out the candles - we really didn't think he knew how yet.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Happy 2nd Birthday sweetie pie!  I ordered a DIY kit from Etsy and printed everything myself = super easy and cheap!

Cookies by Dream Cakes in Flowood

Loved these.  
Animal car and food train built by Gigi

Produce car and Log car

Hay Car

The train was behind the camera = the only reason Mattox is looking in this direction

A little free advertising 

Sweet cakes
Cake and cookies by Dream Cakes in Flowood = yummy!

Make a wish!

Crying after the train left :(

I did not post any of his friends because I never know if their moms are ok with their child's picture being on the internet.  so i try to leave those out.  AND I could not get Mattox to stand still for 1 second to take a decent picture of him smiling... he only had eyes for the choo choo!  Thank you again everyone for making his day so special!


Pamela said...

Everything was great! So happy the weather was beautiful for the party!

Jessica said...

Oh Im so bummed that we couldn't make it to his party. It looked like SO much fun!