Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oh Pilates! Our instructor has decided to step it up a notch or two this week and we progressed to the BALLS! Oh my goodness. I totally embarrassed myself yesterday and fell off the ball TWICE! The entire class was laughing at me...with me. How is it that I took ballet for 15 years but you wouldn't know it now? I have no balance anymore. How is it that the 60 year olds performed like they use them everyday?? Then they didn't tell me to get one of the "ball holders." So my ball was rolling all over the room and I had to get up off the floor to go get it. Embarrassing! I wish my teacher would just keep us in a bubble and let me think that what we were doing before the balls was hard. This is what I'm SUPPOSED to look like on top of a bubble.

I decided to keep MC in a bubble this week. We didn't go to church Sunday because I wanted to keep her out of the nursery and away from any flu virus floating around. We haven't really graced the public this week either. She's been fussy from teething. Here we go again. It's her last and bottom set of eye teeth. I will be SO glad when these come in.

Matt and I have been discussing where we should go this summer for our 5 year anniversary? I would like a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Due to our babysitter...aka Gigi...being in Tennessee, our choices are limited to somewhere closer to home...and most likely not a beach. Maybe Nashville? Charleston? Any suggestions?

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Sara said...

I say go on an Eastern Caribbean cruise on Carnival in mid-June and you'll be on the same ship with us and can have your pick of Caribbean beaches. :)