Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Well I thought today would be picture perfect. The weather has not cleared (not enough for me at least) and MC woke up in a terrible mood. Now she won't take a nap. She slept for about 40 minutes. Nonetheless, I'm trying to make it the best Valentines Day MC has ever had! Ha! Her Daddy greeted her this morning with a tiny rose bush and a card. A stranger in Kroger gave her a balloon that she keeps getting in disagreements with. Sam and Sarah came over to play this morning. They were all passing out free hugs and kisses. So cute. I made them miniature heart cupcakes and found old party favors to give them. I thought they turned out well...everything was picture perfect actually:


Tyanne said...

Those are so cute, I am sorry MC won't take a nap. Sam and Sarah are worn out and took good naps today!!
Thanks for letting us come and hang out today, they had so much fun! As did their mommie!

AMANDA said...

Those are some cute little kids! Happy Valentine's Day.

Tina said...

The kids look so cute all in red. Love the big red hairbows!!! (I'm a sucker for big hairbows.) Happy Valentine's Day!