Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you know what day it is?

Puffs anyone? "uh-oh"

Do you know what day it is? Do you know what time it is? Don't ask Matt these questions because he can't tell you. Let me back up. Mati Claire has been sleeping a little late the last 3 days and I've had to wake her up at 8 am. She still has a normal schedule the rest of the day: naps around 12-2 and goes to bed around 7:30 pm.

This morning Matt came in around 7:45 am and went straight to bed; which is unusual because he normally goes to bed around 10-ish when he works nights. I made a huge breakfast casserole that was ready by 8:30, contacted FedEx to schedule a pickup, gave MC a bath and washed her hair twice (explain later), walked the dog, worked out at the Healthplex, came home and fed MC lunch and put her down for a nap! So I rushed to the bathroom to get me a shower since I haven't had one since Sunday morning....(to answer the question, yes it is Wednesday). I wasn't in there 5 minutes, when Matt asks me "did you walk the dog? is it time to wake her up?" Did I hear that correctly or did I get water in my ears? I just kept staring at him. Are you serious? Do you know what time it is? It's 12:30....PM! I told him I might have to kill him if he woke her up. Afterall, she's only been asleep about 10 minutes. And yes, I walked the dog at 9:00 this morning...she can't hold it for 24 hours. I get out of the shower, and he asks me where the casserole is. It's in the GARBAGE! To me, eggs and soggy bread aren't good as leftovers. So there was 1 serving missing out of a 9x13 dish and the rest is in the garbage. I told him he could dig it out if he wanted to. Then he asks me "who won the game?" It's Wednesday, Matt! They don't play until tonight. Ahhh! Go back to bed please!

Backing up again. I let her hair soak overnight in mineral oil to scrub the cradle cap out this morning (thanks pig-tails for showing me this). Its makes it so easy to get out...just a pain to get the oil out now. Here's a cute picture of my nieces! This is why I have to have another girl one day! How cute are they?

So it's Wednesday and we're looking forward to Saturday! Reservations? check. Babysitter? check. New dress? check. Lovey-dovey music for the car? check. Hot date? wait...he's asleep!
Guys, do you know what day Saturday is?

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Tyanne said...

That cracks me up, right now every day is tax day around here!!!
Hope you have a great time Saturday, the steaks we had were awesome!!!