Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th

and I've created a monster! Look at MC talking on the real telephone while watching TV. She's such a girl! Her conversations consist of "hello...okay bye!"

Call me superstitious (sp?) but bad things do tend to happen to our family on Friday the 13th. So we're staying in - also because I don't like going anywhere when it rains. Our cat died on Fri the 13th a long time ago...he was the Devil himself tho...hmmmm...weird. My sister and I both broke our arms around April Fools Day. I'm very accident prone so there's no reason to chance it.

Here's wishing everyone a good V-Day Eve:


Tyanne said...

My birthday every 7 years is Friday fun would it have been this year since I am turning 30????

Sara said...

HA! Cute pic of Miss Diva!