Friday, November 14, 2008

The Big Mooooove

I am busy helping out at work this weekend for the big move. Vicksburg and Clinton are moving to their new locations (opening Sat). Tonight, we have to spend the night in the pharmacy in Vicksburg. Should be interesting. We have SO much fun together and I LOVE the people I work with. When there are people who can make you laugh, it makes the day go by so much better. When I am getting cussed out by a mean old man, I just think of MC and everyone else goes away. Then there are my great co-workers who make me laugh when I want to cry. When you can joke with your boss and say just about anything, I WANT to do a better job and volunteer in days like today.

The bad news is I don't get to see MC much this weekend. I left at 7 the other morning and didn't come home until almost 10 that night. Then I leave today at 2 and won't be back until tomorrow. Sorry no new pics to post.

I frequently get asked about the old Clinton Kroger. They are keeping the fuel tanks open (plus the new ones on Hwy 80). They are building bathrooms for the employees who will run the fuel center (hence the horrible construction going on in an already horrible parking lot). I heard yesterday that there are bids on the old building from Lowe's, Office Depot, and Target. YES, you heard it - TARGET! Although they said Target didn't like the idea of bathrooms in front of the building. So no one knows for sure yet. The suits said they thought Office Depot would win the battle. Who knows! (gossip gossip gossip)

Anyway, I'm working in Vicksburg this weekend, but I'll be at the Clinton store all day Monday and come by and say hello while you're checking things out! We're "mooooo"ving!

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