Sunday, November 16, 2008

No, No, and No

MC, Maddie, Chad, and Jack

Such a "big girl"

I feel like every word out my mouth today has been "no" "stop" and "no-mam." It's so sad that I can't think of one positive thing I've said towards MC today. She is into EVERYTHING! She even gets into things that I've baby-proofed. She's taller now so she can reach the counter and pull stuff off. I was trying to clean since I really haven't been home since last Wednesday...and she literally followed behind me making a bigger mess than before. What's the sense in cleaning???

She has a new attitude and "no" is in her vocabulary! She will back-talk me and pinch me when I get onto her. She tests me on purpose! AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Needless to say she spent most of her time in the playpen today screaming. SO glad my family will be here later this week! Hurry up and get here! I haven't had much sleep since last Wed...hoping this week will be better but I doubt it.

I've added some blogs to my list over there on the left. Check them out! I also started Facebook yesterday --- it's a little addictive (as is blogging).

Here are a few pics from tonight. We had a nice get-together dinner over at James and Laura's! Their house is so nice (from the last time I saw it!) You wouldn't even know it's the same house!
I thank them for allowing all the kids to come too. They love socializing as much as we do. Although I do think it was good birth control for Laura.

New words of the week so far: Gigi, grrrr (bear sound), and OK!


Tyanne said...

You have bad days and then you have days where she is the angel that you seem to remember that she can be and it makes you forget the days that she is pure terror!!

Tina said...

Rebecca has learned how to sass me. LOVE IT!!! (note the sarcasm in that statement) As far as the house cleaning goes, I feel like I'm going in circles, just like you.