Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gold Glitter

As we were driving this morning, MC yelled out and pointed out the window. Not sure if it was a bird or the wind, but something had disturbed a tree. Hundreds of little gold leaves were falling like snow and glistening...it looked like it was raining gold glitter! Very pretty. Started our day off right.
MC had her first career day this morning. Its in the genes I guess. Work hard to play hard. She helped me out at work until her Daddy could pick her up. She made all the mean sick people smile and laugh. So now she's playing after a morning's work!
Just wanted to post a cute picture of my nieces at Halloween. Kerigan and Kennedy went as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbitt (Kerigan's friend Larkin in the middle was Supergirl).
Too cute. Can't wait for those turkeys to visit for Thanksgiving!


Sara said...

Cute pics. MC looks like she's right at home at the pharmacy!

Melissa Rouse said...

MC is so cute! I love her outfit! Heather's girls are adorable!

Jeanelle said...

Another one? I can barely handle Gabby Grace!

Love that shot @ the pharmacy - she so looks right at home!

ANd Kennedy and Kerrigan look adorable!