Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a day!

We woke up this morning to a breakthrough! Her LAST molar has FINALLY broken the skin! Yeah! So she was a bit fussy today. It didn't help matters when the DirecTV guy showed up...and the cleaning crew, the lawn guys, the painters, Rob - the stain guy, and Bobby - the fence guy all showed up at the SAME time - all before 10 am! MC was actually taking a nap during all this and they finally woke her up with all the noise. So after lunch, I decided: lets go to Mistletoe Marketplace! I thought I could handle taking her (couldn't find a babysitter). While driving, Candice tells me that there are NO strollers allowed. What????????? No strollers??????? Okay, I can handle it. I have a leash! She has this little stuffed dog that is a backpack with a leash type thing. Thought about turning I can handle this. I'm still trying to beat the supposed rain that was on its way. We get there! I have to park in the VERY back - as far from the front door as I can get. I find out they have baby carriers available to rent/borrow. I'm PRETTY SURE MC is too big for that. I try it. . . yep. . . too big. So I carried her on my left hip for 3 hours! Tried putting her down to let her walk with the leash - not without SCREAMING bloody murder! Understandable since there are SO many people around who don't even acknowledge the fact that I drop everything I buy because I can't hold it all in my right hand and sign the receipts with my left. I'm determined to buy an actual Christmas gift for someone other than myself if I'm going to all this trouble. FINALLY! I found something for my niece that I know she wants! I couldn't feel my left arm by the time I left. MC was inconsolable. No Tylenol. What was I thinking???????

We're driving home and I'm dying of thirst since the Trademart was steaming hot (not because I'm toting a toddler and 2 bags of stuff though). I decided to stop at McDonalds for a drink...realizing MC has NEVER been to Mickey-D's! I knew she liked french fries. She ate 1 whole chicken nugget (lesson learned - McDonalds does NOT have the best nuggets but too late now) and HALF of a Jr. Hamburger and about 3 fries! ~WOW~ For someone who can't even eat diced apples or carrots she sure chowed down saying "MMMMMMMM!" Pulled out my phone and snapped a few pics of her FIRST trip to Mickey-D's! She also found a few bites of an Oreo cookie...I have come to the conclusion that she'll eat anything that is not healthy!

Then I'm putting all my purchases upstairs and as I come back down the stairs I find MC STANDING ON TOP OF THE COFFEE TABLE! Mind you - she's not a climber. Another first. She has never attempted to climb on ANYTHING BEFORE. I couldn't get down the stairs fast enough and over the kiddie-gate. I had a heart attack thinking 'what if she falls before I can get to her?' Matt saw a small child in the ER once who broke his neck after falling off the coffee table. He was lucky and is fine (as far as I know) but he still broke his neck. What are the chances of surviving a freak accident?

I'm going to bed in hopes that the feeling in my left arm returns sometime in the night.


Sara said...

I bet you slept really well last night. I can't imagine taking a toddler to Mistletoe. You are braver than I! It's amazing that if you can't get kids to eat anything else...they will at least eat McDonald's.

Tyanne said...

Ok so now I really don't feel bad about not going to Mistletoe!!! I think you had enough fun for the both of us!!! If nothing else Sam will always eat french fries and he has gotten good at eating chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a too! He's not wild about the waffle fries though...they are "too big."

Tina said...

Kudos to you for tackling Mistltoe with MC! That is shopping dedication. I can't believe she was standing on the coffee table. Give the kid some McDonald's, and she goes buck wild! :)

Tina said...

Yeah, I can't spell. It should have said Mistletoe.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for going to Mistletoe w/ a 1 yr. old! I hate the "no strollers" rule!! I don't think i could have handled Payton w/o one:) We have a leash for her too but it ends up in a temper tantrum b/c she can't go where she wants! I bet you got some cute stuff to show for it though, right!! All in the name of fav pastime!
Jen T.