Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little Miss Ladybug

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! Sarah celebrated the big 1 this weekend. She really enjoyed her ladybug cake and got lots of good gifts! There's Sam on the right in the next picture - or as I like to call him mini-Bill. I was going to post a picture of baby Jack but I decided not to for fear that Carly might kill me ;) Jack had an unfortunate accident but seriously I am relieved. I am relieved in the fact that I am not alone in our struggles with food. (I know Carly is not relieved by this but you know what I mean?) MC throws up in restaurants all the time. I broke down in tears because MC and I fought for an hour over APPLESAUCE! She still gags on things she eats everyday and don't even think about trying something new (like real bits of apple or a grilled-cheese sandwich). I thought I would press the issue again since it's been awhile...and we're still right where we were 4 months ago. With so many parties lately, it has really frustrated me. I feel like I can't have a good time because I'm worried she may gag or throw up in front of everyone. And if she doesn't do that, she'll scream and make a scene if you attempt to feed her.
I found perfect birth control this morning! I have a new respect for Jon-N-Kate + 8. Keeping the 3 year olds at church this morning was an eye-opener for Matt and me. SEVEN 3 yr olds! I could never be an elementary teacher or day-care worker. I bow down to those who are!
Looking forward to Mistletoe Marketplace this weekend! Work has been a little crazy lately with flu shot clinics and moving 2 stores (Vicksburg and Clinton are both getting new stores on Nov. 15). I have to help move the Vicksburg Kroger next week which will be interesting. We will actually spend the night in the pharmacy! We can't move the drugs until midnight with police escorts and such. Yes, the pharmacy will have a drive-thru and same hours. It's very similar to the I-55 store: sushi bar, big organic/nature section, and just bigger and better departments. Anyway, enough promo. Ya'll have a good week.


Tyanne said...

Those are precious pictures! Thanks for coming, we had such a great time and MC was such a great help with the presents!! I may need to borrow her Christmas to help open Sarah's presents since she isn't too interested!!! HA!

Ashley said...

Hi- thanks for stopping by my blog! Mati Claire is seriously the prettiest little girl.

And thanks for giving us a little preview of the new Kroger. I was wondering if it would be like the on on I-55. I am way too excited about it!