Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pj's and Ponytails

It's 2:00 pm and we're still in our pajamas! I like those days. Since we're staying in, I decided to take some advice and try giving MC eggs...for lunch! I sprinkled a small bit of shredded cheese on top - added some waffles (we'll try the blueberry ones later)...Breakfast for Lunch!!!! She attempted the eggs and then spit them out. I wasn't expecting her to even put them in her mouth, however she did pick out the cheese. I had tried shredded cheese before with NO luck. So it wasn't a total waste of time and food.

Someone asked me the other day why I never put her hair in a ponytail. Why would I??? This is how it turns out:

Not the prettiest ponytail in the world...lets just give it some time. But putting her first ponytail up was fun for me and she loved it!

Ok, I have called every church in town (Baptist, Pres, AND Methodist) and there are no Mother's Day Out openings for her age. Can you believe that? God is telling me that she needs to stay home and drive me crazy. So I went to check out the SchoolAids store and I was in heaven! It ALMOST inspired me to home school. I have a bit of a paper fetish though...I love OfficeMax, stationary stores (online or not), and my favorite part of planning a birthday party is the invitation! Call me crazy. Anyway, the store was a bit too old for MC's age but it did give me hope for later. There are SO many things that can help with homework and such. It's not just for teachers, but parents as well. I did find a puzzle and (my sister's idea) a ROLL of big paper to cover her kid's table. She loves to play with the colors.
From eggs to Uggs! I found a pair of baby Uggs at Mistletoe and they are too cute! Couldn't help myself. Our Christmas card photo session with Jeanelle got cancelled today due to the rain! Here's hoping it will stop raining and we can get out of our pj's!


Carly Winborne said...

I bet in another month or so, you can slap a bow in front of that ponytail and it will be adorable!

JA's used to stick up like that for a while. As soon as the top tips over, it's cute.

You'll have to tell me where the SchoolAids store is. I LOVE going to places like that. And my favorite part of a party is the invite, too! So funny!

Sara said...

Love the ponytail! Too funny!

Ashley said...

I feel for you on the food thing- Ad went through a stage where he would only eat boiled egg whites (yum, right?) And I have to admit that Adler's playroom is set up like a school room too with those cute color posters and abcs and "stations". I went a little crazy in our teaching supplies store here in Vburg.

Heather Klauber (the sister...) said...

Well..if it makes you feel any better - Kennedy is more than a whole year older than MC - and her ponytail looks exactly the same...only shorter!!! But she sure does like wearing them...probally just to embarrass me. Because you know I HATE those pebbles and bam bam ponytails. Never did it to Kerigan - Hers didn't get put up till it was long enough to look normal. I guess the second kid probally always gets away with more, right?

Oh..Yes...we have a store called School Box here - they're all over TN,GA,FL...Anyway..they're soooo cool!!!! It will seriously make you think homeschooling would be a reasonable idea...just so you could buy all that cool stuff to decorate your "school room" with...I always wish I had HOURS when I was in there...But, I'm always in a hurry - like every other minute of my life these days!!

See you soon..